We are certified

Certifications in quality and environment

With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we adhere to the standards for quality management and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the AAA certificate strengthens our position as a financially stable and reliable player.

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Our certificates

We are proud to present the following certificates

Johs. Pedersen has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, confirming our commitment to quality and effective management, in accordance with international standards established by ISO.

Johs. Pedersen has also obtained ISO 14001:2015, confirming our dedication to environmental sustainability in accordance with international standards for environmental management.

Johs. Pedersen has obtained the AAA certificate, a recognition of financial stability and reliability. This confirms our position as a solid and trustworthy player in the business world.

Johs. Pedersen has obtained the EN 15085-2 certificate for excellent welding work on railway vehicles, confirming our high-quality standards in the industry.

Johs. Pedersen holds the Danish Working Environment Authority’s certificate, clarifying our compliance with safety standards and commitment to a safe working environment.