A strong family


Precent family-owned


Back when it all started

A strong family based in Viborg, Denmark – the JP Group has been a 100% family-owned business since its foundation in 1975.


A strong family

Johs. Pedersen a/s, along with its sister company JP Group Automotive a/s, is part of the parent company JP Group Holding a/s.

The umbrella organisation

Efficient Development

JP Group Holding a/s was established in 1994 and operates exclusively within the B2B segment. Approximately 180 employees, both domestic and international, are employed at the headquarters in Viborg.

Johs. Pedersen

Main businesses

Johs. Pedersen a/s’ core business areas are Automotive, 3D Center, Cykel Box, and JP Train.

JP Group Automotive a/s is the main customer, dealing with development, logistics, import, and marketing of a wide range of spare parts for European and Asian cars. Approximately 50% of this business consists of a complete range of classic Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes models, many of which are produced by Johs. Pedersen A/S.

Our business areas

We produce spare parts for classic cars and components to the railway industry.

Johs. Pedersen a/s

Manufacturer for the automotive industry

Production of body parts, exhaust systems, oil and gas tanks for the automotive industry.

In the parent company JP Group Holding a/s, the subsidiary companies included are:


Johs. Pedersen a/s is a modern Danish machine factory equipped with advanced machining and assembly facilities.

We manufacture body parts, exhaust systems, oil and gas tanks for the automotive industry. Our products are distributed partly through JP Group A/S and directly to the departments of major car manufacturers for classic cars, including Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes. Additionally, we produce components for the railway industry and manufacture bicycle boxes.